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Retail rates

Currency Symbol Purchase Sale
Euro Euro EUR Purchase:4,2700 Sale:4,3800
Dollar Dollar USD Purchase:3,8800 Sale:3,9900
British Pound British Pound GBP Purchase:4,7800 Sale:4,9300
Swizz Franc Swizz Franc CHF Purchase:3,9100 Sale:4,0100
Czech Koruna Czech Koruna CZK Purchase:0,1600 Sale:0,1720
Hungarian Forint Hungarian Forint HUF Purchase:0,0126 Sale:0,0145
Danish Krone Danish Krone DKK Purchase:0,5700 Sale:0,5850
Norwegian Krone Norwegian Krone NOK Purchase:0,4300 Sale:0,4450
Swedish Krona Swedish Krona SEK Purchase:0,3960 Sale:0,4110
Canadian Dollar Canadian Dollar CAD Purchase:2,9200 Sale:3,0200
Australian Dollar Australian Dollar AUD Purchase:2,6400 Sale:2,7400
Croatian Kuna Croatian Kuna HRK Purchase:0,5400 Sale:0,6400
Bulgarian Lev Bulgarian Lev BGN Purchase:2,1700 Sale:2,3500
Japanese Yen Japanese Yen JPY Purchase:0,0500 Sale:0,0390
Ukrainian Hryvnia Ukrainian Hryvnia UAH Purchase:0,1400 Sale:0,1800
Russian Ruble Russian Ruble RUR Purchase:0,0530 Sale:0,0660
Scottish Pound Scottish Pound SCP Purchase:4,5000 Sale:4,8800
New Israeli Sheqel New Israeli Sheqel ILS Purchase:1,0100 Sale:1,1800
Renminbi Yuan Renminbi Yuan CNY Purchase:0,5000 Sale:0,6200
	Thai Baht Thai Baht THB Purchase:0,1000 Sale:0,1400
Iceland Krona Iceland Krona ISK Purchase:0,0280 Sale:0,0340
Turkish lira Turkish lira TRY Purchase:0,6400 Sale:0,8200
Georgian Lari Georgian Lari GEL Purchase:1,3000 Sale:1,5900
Romanian leu Romanian leu RON Purchase:0,8600 Sale:0,9900
Albanian lek Albanian lek ALL Purchase:0,0320 Sale:0,0420
Brazilian real Brazilian real BRL Purchase:0,9000 Sale:1,1200
Euro coin Euro coin EURb Purchase:4,0000 Sale:4,2500
Funt coin Funt coin GBPb Purchase:4,0000 Sale:4,6000

Latest update: 13:13 17.09.2019

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Rates above are not trade offer under commercial law or the Civil Codewalut and transaction prices must be determined by telephone.
To complete the transaction, required is confirmation personaly or by phone.
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International transfers by:

We deal with accounts in the following banks:
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Bank millennium

Millennium Bank:

PLN - 41 1160 2202 0000 0003 0610 8980

EURO - 52 1160 2202 0000 0003 2290 7727

Bank Pekao SA

Pekao SA Bank

PLN - 29 1240 4012 1111 0010 7025 2906

EURO - 50 1240 4012 1978 0010 7025 3798